At the moment

The beginning of the school year had us all whipped and it’s taken about two weeks to get into some sort of schedule.  We are still working out some kinks but things should start to settle down as of next week.

LittleMan is going through a growth spurt, suddenly being all arms and legs, as well as a creativity spurt.

Things like this have been appearing all over the house with ominous signs that spell “Please do not touch”


Upon enquiry, we got a shrug and this cryptic answer “It’s a monster mask”.  This one is taped on the side of the bookshelf next to the front door.  Hubby and I are wondering if this is some kind of emergency monster grab mask for such occasions as would warrant the use of a monster mask….like before leaving for school.  I may able to tell you more after tomorrow morning….

Since we are on the subject of detecting, our cunning detective skills have finally provided the answer to a question that had us gripped all summer “Why are there holes in our kitchen curtains?”  Fascinating stuff as you can imagine, the kind that keeps you up at night.

The culprit was caught this morning red-handed, or should I say, curtain-wrapped.  Claws are being used in the wrapping process and when trapped, pulled vigorously until something (ie the curtain) gives….Never would have imagined that such a small cat could cause such damage…


I’ll finish this post on a sneak peak of a painting I did for a very good friend’s birthday.

Detail-humming-bird-2              Detail-humming-bird-3

It was done on a square canvas and I enjoyed every minute of the experience, even though I was very pressed for time.  I have to confess it’s one of my favourites.


Work in progress

Work in progress by fiscorner
Work in progress, a photo by fiscorner on Flickr.

Last September, I followed an online course which threw me for a loop. While I loved every lesson, I struggled to find a way in which they could blend with what I do. After struggling for a while to complete the four paintings I had started, I left them aside for a while. In March, I chopped them up, hoping for a new perspective. I came back to them every now and then, glued some paper, added this and that but I was still unable to take them in any direction. Finally, yesterday, I added an extra layer with stencils, sprayed some paint, dabbed modeling paste and things finally started happening. Today, I decided to paint a face on this background. It’s not finished but it needs to be set aside for a while. In the meantime, I will get to work on the remaining 5. Once my cat stops using them as a mattress, that is….

Heart Journal 4

This month, the ladies over at the Heart Journal Blog challenged us to use a gesso + bicarbonate of soda mixture.  This is one of my favorite technique and one I use regularly in most of my mixed media pieces.  This month, I went back to the bright bold colours I’m most comfortable with.  I made the heart a few weeks back but was lacking a picture to finish it.  This week end, a friend of mine suggested this picture.  This was exactly what I needed to get the heart finished.

     Ce mois ci, l’imposition sur le Heart Journal Blog était l’utilisation d’un mélange gesso+ bicarbonate.  C’est l’une de mes techniques préférées, et une que j’utilise régulièrement dans la plupart de mes créas mixed média.  Ce mois ci, je suis retournée aux couleurs vives avec lesquelles je suis le plus à l’aise.  J’ai fait le coeur il y a quelques semaines déjà mais il me manquait une image pour le terminer.  Une amie m’a suggéré cette image ce week end.  C’était exactement ce dont j’avais besoin pour finir le coeur.

Sneak peaks

Last Monday, a very good friend of mine came to have a mixed media fun day with me.  She came with a fun project: turn a photo of her as a child into a mixed media canvas.  We had great fun and I think this time, she has well and truly been bitten by the mixed media bug!  While I can’t show you the finished canvas, here are a few sneak peaks…lots of yummy layers and textures!!!

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Heart journal challenge 1

Over on the Heart Journal 2012 blog , Théalie and Lilibulle have set up a year long heart journal with monthly challenges.  This month, the challenge was to use masking tape and metal wire.  Although I liked the idea, I didn’t want to take part.  I’m none too fond of hearts as a general shape (although I have been known to use them on a page or two).  So I initially came up with a regular shaped page using this month’s techniques.

I  enjoyed myself immensely, so I decided to take the plunge and do the same with the required heart shape.

And here you are for this month’s challenge.