Polymer beads

Although I haven’t posted in a while, I have been busy with work, home, children, and finding little pockets of time to create.  I have several paintings on the go at the moment and to catch my breath in between, I keep my hands busy by crafting beads.  I have tried my hand at paper beads and had a ball making them, but nothing beats polymer clay for textured beads.

I started a few years ago when I got a whole set of tools, clay and an instruction manual for my birthday.  Since then, I have fallen deeply in love with polymer clay and will play with it every opportunity I get.  Since it’s school holidays round here at the moment, and Littleman is every bit as hooked as I am, we’ve been bead making most afternoons, trying techniques and having a blast.  Here is some of what we made…love the design and love the textures…

Web-blog-beads-blue      Web-blog-close-up-bead      Web-blog-texture-beads

Hop over to my website to see the rest of the batch.         http://fiscorner.com/polymer-beads/

Once polished and varnished, I’ll be making them into earrings and necklaces.