I got me some little stencils!

It won’t come as a surprise that I am slightly addicted (read totally obsessed) with stencils. I have in the past been known to make stencils and masks out of paper and cardboard but unfortunately, they are not durable enough to survive me more than a few weeks.

So when I decided that I absolutely needed some gothic stencils, I searched my house low and high for anything that could fit my purpose. And found my happiness with some of TeenMan’s discarded plastic dividers. TeenMan used to draw avidly, particularly when he was supposed to be paying attention to his classes. As a result, the dividers are totally unusable for any other purpose than what I had in mind. A few printed sheets, quite a few hours with an exacto knife and I am now the proud owner of some home-made stencils.




They are a little clumsy and far from perfect but I am looking for something to add texture to my paintings and these are more than adequate for that.