Keep on running….

Last summer, just before going to England, I made a huge decision.  I decided to take up jogging.  I used to be fairly sporty when I was at uni but then life got in the way.  Jogging is the least fussy of all sports so I figured out I could do this.  Armed with the Couch potato to 5k program, I ran around a field full of sheep every other day.  I even managed to keep on jogging when we got back home.  Until I made it to a 30 minutes straight run.  And then I did my ankle in on a sneaky root.  And then Hubby did his cross ligaments in during an over-enthusiastic martial art session.  And we stopped running.

One of my goals for our week in England was to take up running again.  And I am happy to report I did.  It sucked every minute of the first run and made me wish I hadn’t quit back in October.  Then I remembered to keep my nose up and look around me.  This view beats the concrete around my place any time.  And the second run was a little easier.  Am looking forward to my next run.  Who’d have thunk?



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