To blog or not to blog

Several important people in my life have suggested I open a blog to showcase some of my stuff.  It took me a long time to get to this point.  You see, I don’t show my stuff, except to a few close friends.  My stuff is too…well…personal…So opening this blog is a leap of faith…the kind of leap that would have you jump off a cliff without a parachute…

We’ll see how far this leap of faith takes me.  For the moment, I’m going to hit the publish button before I get cold feet.

Welcome to Fi’s corner.  Grab a cup of tea and make yourself at home.



5 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog

  1. glad you listened to your friends
    I had no idea when I began blogging just where it would lead me

    I find it really fun to share the joy of creating and especially to people who “get” what mixed media is all about

    welcome to blogland!

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